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02/23/14 09:08 AM #15    


Claire Kroll (Fusaro)

Dorothy, About the reunion photo, if you scroll down on the home page you'll see the class picture and there you are in the front row!  Is that the picture you we're looking for?  It's also included in one of the class photo albums.  Happy Spring to you! 

02/24/14 09:54 AM #16    


Dorothy Silver (Perkins)

Thank you Claire. I just expected it to be with the 25th and 45th photos. Just didn't look good enough. Thank you again.


09/13/16 02:48 PM #17    


Mark Valencia




09/15/16 12:11 PM #18    


Steve Vantine

Although I've turned into a pretty permanent Florida resident, I'd be happy to join in the festivities for a 55th reunion. Fall timing would be best for Liz & I.


09/17/16 10:30 AM #19    


Peter Meisenzahl

Jan and I will attend of course . June or September sound best . May I suggest an afternoon venue as we are not the night owls we once were . We hope every one is as healthy as possible even the the "parts " begin to wear out at this time of life.

Peter & Jan Meisenzahl


09/19/16 01:07 AM #20    


Mark Valencia





09/19/16 11:26 AM #21    


Peter Meisenzahl

Gink , senility has overcome you and the remnants of your mind . We found that beer , it was Budweiser and it had gone skunk . All we have to do is remain upright and mobile and we will have a wonderful 55th reunion.

09/19/16 02:07 PM #22    


Steve Vantine

Would having to stand in the swamp along Dover Road after someone trashed a mailbox on Dover Terrace while RCJJS the 3rd kept using his lighter to check his watch be among those memories ?

09/19/16 02:30 PM #23    


Dorothy Silver (Perkins)

Dianne, would love to come to another reunion. July to Oct. are great months.What about the Duck boats tour if there still running? Hope others will come also.


09/19/16 02:53 PM #24    


Douglas Barbour

Looking forward to a 55th. Would love to see Pop Vaughn make his way here from the Florida sunshine. I like September because its about the only month I don't have something planned.

09/21/16 12:18 PM #25    


Peter Meisenzahl

Steve : I was not involved in that Dover Rd caper unless my memory is failing me . Gink and I were probably guzzeling beer elsewhere !!! Would love to see Bob Vaughan make an appearance at # 55 as I have not seen Bob since we graduated .




12/20/19 11:15 AM #26    


Claire Kroll (Fusaro)

Sending best wishes for the holidays and a healthy and happy New Year to all my classmates--and invite you to join me, post a response, send a greeting or a quick update. Let's make this a WHS-1962 year-ending round robin.  My update--Aging is creeping in as Lou & I are both dealing with health issues. The Italians have a saying Old age is not for sissies. Isn't that right? In treatment for recurrent cancer, I'm doing ok and enjoying yoga and pilates classes. I joined our son on his cross-country trip this summer, touring Yellowstone, the Black Hills and the Badlands, fabulous country.  Closer to home, was happy to have lunch with Dee Aldrich yesterday. Great to see her. Your turn!

12/21/19 10:29 AM #27    

Deanna Aldrich (Henry)


Happy Holidays to all! It was great seeing Claire for lunch this week. It’s something we do periodically when she’s up my way near Norfolk. All is well with me and I love my in-law suite attached to my son’s, Christopher, house. I get to see three of my four grandkids every day! Daughter, Anna, lives in Falmouth, so I see them less often. My health is relatively good for our increasing age, just the usual aches and pains! I wish you all a healthy and peaceful New Year.


12/21/19 02:27 PM #28    


Peter Meisenzahl

Hi Claire & Dee :

I am glad you guys were able to get together and enjoy each other’s company . As I am still working ( at a reduced pace ) and traveling I stay with Jack Anderson in Norfolk when I work the greater Boston Area .

Old age is not for sissies ( the Italians have a very sensible way of putting things ) and Jan and I are in good health for which we are thankful. We moved into a condo in Yarmouth Port and have adjusted to condo living .

We will be in Naples for the month of March , possibly in Bavaria for  a favorite cousins birthday and then back to Bavaria in August with our grandchildren .

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All

12/21/19 09:14 PM #29    


Mark Valencia



My life is winding down. I really don’t have anything significant to say about my experiences over the past year—except that I’m still here and still kickin’!! When I wake up and get out of bed in the morning, it’s a gift of another day in extra time. The alternative is increasingly a possibility but I take it one day at a time. However, given my various health scares of previous years, this year was relatively uneventful. I’m not running any marathons –except the one of life—I can only walk 50 feet or so without stopping to catch my breath—which is why --after a lifetime of travel--I don’t travel anymore—and I really don’t miss it –especially given the associated annoying hassle these days. Of course the pancreatic cysts are still there –and recently I have had a few episodes of angina—doc says my arteries are probably clogging again—will have another angiogram next month--but comparatively --so far so good.

I reached an attitudinal tipping point over the last several years. I have always been a contrarian-and I and my views on maritime issues in Asia—particularly the US--China contest in the South China Sea –have grated on the US government and supporters of its positions. Now I have reluctantly concluded that I and my submissions are essentially blacklisted by certain establishment think tanks and publications. Fortunately in this internet age, there are many alternative outlets for my work especially in Asia and I take advantage of that—publishing about an article a week in various outlets --but at least once a month in the South China Morning Post—a regionally reputable but not particularly pro-American daily. So rather than “hang it up” I have decided to let it “all hang out” by stepping up my writing of oped pieces and commentaries on others’ opeds—particularly those opeds supporting US positions and bashing China. There are no angels in the sad saga of the South China Sea and the U.S. is as much or more to blame  for the tensions there as China. I have become rather good at it judging by the howls of protests from my targets and supportive comments I get from those unable or unwilling to voice similar views themselves. My greatest accolade so far was from one leading US militarist who was quoted as referring to me as “a son of a bitch—but a smart son of a bitch!!” So I have found my retirement hobby –speaking truth to power ,being a gadfly --or as some might say-- a “pain in the arse” (some would say I was always that)—and the beauty of it is that I get paid for some of my writings as well!! So I am still stirring the pot and poking the bear in the cage!

The grandkids in Hawaii—and their parents –come to us a couple of times a week. It is exhilarating to watch them learn and grow—and to begin to become what they will be.  My greatest regret is that I won’t see how they turn out—but so far so good. I am trying to figure out the right time to introduce them to the Valencia rites of passage I have been saving for a long time–a Whammo slingshot, a BB pistol, throwing knives, switchblade, and blowgun with sharp metal tipped darts—all things I longed for as a youth but never had—except for the slingshots Smiddy and I made ourselves and much later, a BB rifle.

This year was a bonus because Aishah and her family will have come twice from Virginia—once for my 75th birthday in July and once for the holidays when we will all be together again as one family. Since I no longer travel and Dave and Aishah have only so much vacation, these are very precious times.

 B has her normal routine of tending her gorgeous flower and spice garden --punctuated by trips. In March she was off to Malaysia for her niece’s wedding in the village. Besides being her annual ‘cultural refresher’, this trip was particularly emotionally rewarding. Since the wedding was a major family event, she reconnected with distant relatives and family friends she had not seen in years.

Then in October she went to California to visit her long time Malaysian friend Janat –a college professor in California. They had a good time together—some sightseeing—and a lot of expatriate cultural reinforcement. I know the desire and need having lived overseas for several years at a stretch without a ‘home leave’.

So here we are at dusk sitting at the pool’s edge for happy hour(s), watching the sky become a kaleidoscope of color, reminiscing about our latest voyage round the sun and wishing you were here.  Come join us!!

From our humble home to yours—‘til next year at this time.





12/22/19 08:14 PM #30    

Dianne Watson (Rankin)

How nice to see messages from classmates again. Especially glad to see Claire and Dee meeting up. Ruthie and I are overdue and hope we can connect soon. Wishing everyone the best of the holiday season.

We,too,are dealing with continuing health issues as my husband Dennis continues to deal with Parkinson's Disease. Much to his credit, through it all, he keeps his sense of humor.

Our holidays will  be subdued this year. I am pausing with a knot in my stomach not knowing if sharing this is the right thing to do. But because I cannot be inauthentic, I'll let you know that recently, 10 days before his 23rd birthday, we lost our grandson to a drug overdose. We are learning a lot about deep grief. We are told, as I now some of you have learned,we will eventually get through this, but we will never get over it.

Don't want to end on a low note.Do wish everyone the joy,peace and love that the holiday season can

bring and encourage you all to treasure any time you can have with grandkids and family.





12/23/19 02:07 PM #31    


Douglas Barbour

I feel that I have to thank you for the courage that it took to share a very tragic and personal loss that you and your family have suffered. The importance of doing this cannot be underestimated. Everyone needs to know the battle that is being waged to save lives from overdose and how often we lose that battle. The field I have chosen to work in has always had its losses but newer more so than now. I wish I could hug you, I am so sorry

12/23/19 07:10 PM #32    

Ronald Paine

I hope that we  all find peace of mind and comfort as we age

12/24/19 09:01 AM #33    

Susan Peters (Mariano)

Dear Dianne,

I am so sorry to hear about the death of your grandson. As you know we lost our son, Richard, to a drug overdose at the age of 46. It  is always so difficult to write about or discuss because the pain is always present. I can only hope that the memories you have of your grandson in happier times will sustain you with smiles and laughter. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season.

Love and Hugs,

Susan and Dick

12/24/19 02:02 PM #34    

Sandra Peterson (Johnson)

Dear Dianne,

My deepest sympathy goes out to you

and your family on the death of your grandson.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during 

this difficult time.

12/26/19 10:38 AM #35    

Robert Chamberlin sorry to hear about your grandson.  We are heartbroken to hear your news, and knowing how close your family is, cannot begin to imagine the grief that you and your family are experiencing.  It is so difficult anytime but especially so during this family holiday season. Please pass on our best to Dennis, and I hope that we might be able to get together some time during the new year. 

With love, thoughts and prayers for you and your family,

Bob and Sandy Chamberlin

12/27/19 07:36 AM #36    

Barbara Byron (Lyski)

Diane,  I too am very sorry to hear of your grandson's death.   We lost a son at 16 and truly know how deeply this affects everything right now.  Life does get better over time, and you are not alone.  Lots of prayers heading your way.  

Barbara Byron Lyski

12/27/19 09:35 AM #37    

Deanna Aldrich (Henry)

Diane, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandson. Doug is right, the battle against drugs right now is the worst it has ever been and the grief seems overwhelming. And though as you said, you will get through it you will never get over it, but knowing your friends’ thoughts are with you can help. Time does ease that constant pain you feel now. My thoughts and love are with you, Dee (Aldrich) Henry

12/28/19 07:48 PM #38    

Sheila Savage (Starratt)

To you, Claire, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin your new battle against cancer. Stay strong and determined, my friend. You've got this, girl!! 
To you, Diane. There are no words that can ease your pain. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how precious my grandchildren are to me and I'm sure yours are to you. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Your grandson's life and his passing made a difference in other people's lives. Perhaps someday it will be made clear to you...until then I hope all the happy memories you have shared together will help ease your pain. Thoughts and prayers are with you.




01/07/20 04:57 PM #39    


Richard Youlden


I am so sorry to hear of your recent loss of your grandson and want to convey my warmest condolences to you & your family. It takes a lot of courage to tell people about devastating bad news.

It seems health issues & family losses are inevidently catching up to us all.

Reading about the posts of some of our classmates past + present family tragedies recently is truely heartbraking. There are no words of consolement that can make life better but remembering the ‘good memories’ does help ease the pain somewhat.

Keeping a sense of humor during ‘tough times’ is surely difficult but an occasional smile can do wonders for all.

Try to Laugh, even if it hurts, at the ‘Dark Side’ and don’t give in to it.

My son’s best friend passed last year due to a bad drug episode on his 46th birthday. It seems to be happening everywhere & out of control. I wished I had an answer but I don’t.

I am however glad we have all made it to our 75th alive & vertical for the most part and I do enjoy reading all the posts that have started coming in this year.

Best Wishes to all our classmates of 1962…

Rick Youlden

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