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06/05/12 12:24 PM #1    

Joseph Onorato

Welcome to the Westwood High School Class Of 1962 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/11/12 11:34 PM #2    


John Sloan

Looing forward to seeing everyone. Appropriately this was in today's Boston Globe (you know that Liberal adoped child of the NYT wink)

09/12/12 09:19 AM #3    


Claire Kroll (Fusaro)

Great article, John.  Posted it on the homepage.  I like the last paragraph--your hometown shapes you indelibly.


09/12/12 10:23 PM #4    


John Sloan

Thanks Claire!! John


09/13/12 09:17 PM #5    


John Sloan

If you have been away from Boston for awhile check out Boston Harbor Cruises, or even walk the Rose Kennedy Greenway. My preference would be a ride to Spetacle Island for a quicker trip or a Duck Tour Fenway is more beautiful than you may recall but our Red Sox. look more like the teams of HS years the past twelve months except we are not as white - a good thing.


John Sloan


09/19/12 11:36 AM #6    


Claire Kroll (Fusaro)

 It was great seeing everyone at the reunion last weekend.  Wish I had had more time to talk to many.  John Sloan, how did I miss a chat with you? Peter, I thought I'd see you at the brunch but missed you. With remembrances and hugs, the years just rolled back.  It was  heartwarming to see elementary school friends. Bill M so glad you came from CA, loved meeting Rosario.  And Jacqui,  glad you came off the Vineyard, if not, we were going to have the 55th in your backyard. Warm wishes to all. 

09/21/12 11:35 AM #7    

Barbara A. Doyle (Edison)

I loved the pics of the reunion, sooooo wish I could have been there.!  everyone looks about the same, a little grayish, and plumper, some even hairless !!! I love it. Hope to keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing more pics and messages.     Your classmate, Barb Doyle ( Edison) 

11/16/12 04:43 PM #8    

Dianne Watson (Rankin)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Hope you all enjoy the day and have lots of special time with family and friends.

My favorite Thanksgiving memories are still going to  our football games, cheering our team on, and loving taking part in the half-time festivities.  While touching base with Jane Regier regarding our recent reunion, I confessed to her that I usually kept my drill team uniform on as long as I could because it just made me feel so good!

Looking forward to crossing paths with everyone sometime soon, hopefully sooner rather than later.

If anyone has plans to visit the DC area, would be great to see you.


Dianne W.

11/26/12 11:32 AM #9    

Phylis Tyler (McCafferty)

Hi Everyone,  I hope your holiday went well and you are now enjoying turkey soup!!  In respone to Diane's of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is the home game..........always wanted to be part of the drill team...........thought you guys were so cool...........loved to go to the game and then come home to the house smelling of the turkey cooking..........good well and may the next holidays be just as much fun!!

10/31/13 11:14 AM #10    

Phylis Tyler (McCafferty)

Hooray for BoSox!!!  I am wearing my Red Sox ball cap to celebrate the day!!   Life is good!

12/10/13 12:10 AM #11    


Mark Valencia


This was truly a banner year for the Valencia family – the Red Sox won the series, there were two new additions to the Hawaii clan, and - knock on wood – all of us are reasonably healthy, hale and hearty.

This year I watched the Sox from the shaky beginning to the glorious end.  I subscribed to the baseball channel and I was determined to get my money’s worth.  So I watched damn near every game.  I was fully expecting the team to fade in the end – when the going got tough.  But they didn’t and instead my bitter past experiences faded and transformed into pure joy – what great victories – what a great feeling!!  And most important I was able to share the final victory with both Bennett and – Costa-- my grandson.

Speaking of grandchildren – this of course was the major event of the year and certainly one of the major events in our lives.  Two grandchildren were born – one month apart.  Costa Keitani Zakaria Valencia – prematurely on 26 April followed by Tyler Mark Gustafson on 26 May.  These events have brought on a reflective period in our lives.  They – the babies – are a marvel –to watch them learn day by day-- not just for us – but they embody and replicate the miracle of humankind – reproduction, survival and hopefully progress of the human race.  To me it has been an intellectually deep and emotional experience.

Both babies are developing normally – and we see Costa three times a week.  B-- the woman who “didn’t like kids very much” has become a really devoted grandmother.  She was with Aishah for the birth of Tyler.  She was also with Neilani during her ordeal.  I have told B -- and I want to share here-- that she never ceases to amaze me and I respect and love her more every day.  She is a wonderful life companion—never a dull moment!

My professional year was off – when it was off, and on when it was on.  I held the fort and stayed home for most of the first half of the year—which I enjoyed.  Then somewhat out of the blue I was invited to significant conferences in China (where they made me Co-Chair), Sydney, Seoul and Vietnam.  Things are moving in the maritime policy area in Asia and it’s really getting exciting.

I also had a trip to the University of Indiana in April for a conference on North Korea!!  Why “North Korea” in such a place – well I guess to keep it under the radar.  I met and drank with one of the main go – betweens for the U.S. and North Korea.  It turns out we had similar philosophies and ideas.

 Most important, I was able to piggyback a visit to Virginia and a very pregnant Aishah and Dave, which was fun. We had a very pleasant dinner with Bob and Sandy Chamberlin and Dianne Watson and then I went on to Maine to see Jimmy, Becky and Jonathan.  I also met up with cousin Skipper in Worcester, and we had a good tete–a-tete.  And I had dinner with my old friend now living in Mansfield – Davey Dunlap – a fun evening of reminiscing.

So, it was - as the song says a ‘very good year’ and we pass on our good news to all. 

Aishah, Dave and Tyler Mark will be joining us for Christmas and we will be together as a complete family for the first time.


Mark and B

12/12/13 11:02 AM #12    


Douglas Barbour

I would like to wish all in the class a very Merry Christmas and more than anything a very healthy New Year. All I can do is smile when the things my parents told me about health and a lot of other things come true. My last offical act as a father will take place on a beach in Rincon, PR, when my daughter is married in May. Congrats on your new grandchildren Mark and know that that picture of you on the wall at the reunion is seared into my brain forever.  Merry Christmas, Doug

12/12/13 02:01 PM #13    

Bob Vaughn

Merry Christmas, Doug.  I had to respond to your posting that your daughter's wedding would be your last official act.  This voice of experience has to tell you that it never ends, And neither would you want it to! Incidentally, I haven't received my invitation to the wedding yet.  There must be a problem with USPS.

Hope you are in good health (always a relative thing), and have a wonderful Christmas season.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next reunion.  And, yes, I will be there.


02/21/14 09:50 AM #14    


Dorothy Silver (Perkins)

Happy (belated) New Years to all. I don't know where all the years went. My oldest granddaughter graduates from high school this year and then it's off to college. The 2 youngest only turn 1 in March. Looking forward to making all of their graduations.

Bob Vaughn glad to hear your going to the next reunion. Really missed you at the last one. Maybe I can even get Gloria to come.

Everyone have a great summer and always think young!!



Joe O. I notice there's no photo of the 50th reunion posted. Will it be soon?


02/23/14 09:08 AM #15    


Claire Kroll (Fusaro)

Dorothy, About the reunion photo, if you scroll down on the home page you'll see the class picture and there you are in the front row!  Is that the picture you we're looking for?  It's also included in one of the class photo albums.  Happy Spring to you! 

02/24/14 09:54 AM #16    


Dorothy Silver (Perkins)

Thank you Claire. I just expected it to be with the 25th and 45th photos. Just didn't look good enough. Thank you again.


09/13/16 02:48 PM #17    


Mark Valencia




09/15/16 12:11 PM #18    


Steve Vantine

Although I've turned into a pretty permanent Florida resident, I'd be happy to join in the festivities for a 55th reunion. Fall timing would be best for Liz & I.


09/17/16 10:30 AM #19    


Peter Meisenzahl

Jan and I will attend of course . June or September sound best . May I suggest an afternoon venue as we are not the night owls we once were . We hope every one is as healthy as possible even the the "parts " begin to wear out at this time of life.

Peter & Jan Meisenzahl


09/19/16 01:07 AM #20    


Mark Valencia





09/19/16 11:26 AM #21    


Peter Meisenzahl

Gink , senility has overcome you and the remnants of your mind . We found that beer , it was Budweiser and it had gone skunk . All we have to do is remain upright and mobile and we will have a wonderful 55th reunion.

09/19/16 02:07 PM #22    


Steve Vantine

Would having to stand in the swamp along Dover Road after someone trashed a mailbox on Dover Terrace while RCJJS the 3rd kept using his lighter to check his watch be among those memories ?

09/19/16 02:30 PM #23    


Dorothy Silver (Perkins)

Dianne, would love to come to another reunion. July to Oct. are great months.What about the Duck boats tour if there still running? Hope others will come also.


09/19/16 02:53 PM #24    


Douglas Barbour

Looking forward to a 55th. Would love to see Pop Vaughn make his way here from the Florida sunshine. I like September because its about the only month I don't have something planned.

09/21/16 12:18 PM #25    


Peter Meisenzahl

Steve : I was not involved in that Dover Rd caper unless my memory is failing me . Gink and I were probably guzzeling beer elsewhere !!! Would love to see Bob Vaughan make an appearance at # 55 as I have not seen Bob since we graduated .




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